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August 23, 2009

Never Rains But It Pours

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Well… I might have found out why I’ve been feeling too tired and scattered to think straight about cooking.

One visit to urgent care, and an emergency room run late that night – it would appear that what I thought was just a few wolf spider bites and maybe a mild case of poison ivy is in fact : spider bites going septic, extreme poison ivy combining to celulitus (oh… and spreading through my bloodstream in a weird way that seemed to fascinate the doctor while it pops up in random places. Like my face. My chest. My other arm.)… and I really feel the need for a drumroll here….

Shingles. A nicely developed case too. The kind that has me now stuck on house/bed arrest. With 22 pills to work a time table around. It seems only have the mess on my skin is poison ivy/spider attack related. The rest is shingles.

Crap just really really doesn’t cover it right at the moment.

I guess I’ll have plenty of time over the next two weeks to scour the web for quick snack/meal ideas. Hopefully a few my husband can swing after working a 60 hour week.

Just the thought of two weeks where I can’t really leave the house, get near my husband (poor guy has never had chicken pox), do any of the hundred little jobs I usually do… AND horror of horrors can’t KNIT until my arm at least heals up. My right arm looks like a cross between a 2-3rd degree burn and something a lion has been gnawing on. I can barely type – let alone hold needles.

I see a LOT of reading in my immiediate future. Anyone have any favorite links? Blogs? Mindless games?


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